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What is SiteSavvy.ai?

SiteSavvy.ai is a leading provider of property inspection services, utilizing advanced technology called "VisionProve". We offer comprehensive Property Data Collection reports that condense property details into actionable scores, empowering lenders and real estate investors to make informed decisions.

What does the Property Data Collateral report include?

Our Property Data Collateral report includes 12 sections of data and information, such as subject and market risk scores, collateral integrity, AVM value, price changes, subject property details, area sales, nearby properties, and market analysis.

How can SiteSavvy.ai benefit lenders and real estate investors?

SiteSavvy.ai streamlines the inspection process, providing valuable insights to quantify potential risks up front. This enables targeted due diligence efforts, increasing operational efficiencies, lowering costs, and facilitating faster, more profitable business decisions.

Who can use SiteSavvy.ai VisionProve?

SiteSavvy.ai VisionProve is designed for homeowners, appraisers, inspectors, and other professionals involved in the property appraisal process. It provides a user-friendly experience for collecting and sharing property information.

How accurate are SiteSavvy.ai's property inspections?

SiteSavvy.ai prides itself on providing reliable and accurate property inspections. Our experienced inspectors utilize advanced technology and follow stringent quality assurance protocols to ensure the highest level of accuracy in our reports.

What is the cost of SiteSavvy.ai's inspection services?

The cost of our inspection services ranges between $69 and $179 per inspection, depending on the location and complexity of the inspection. We strive to offer competitive pricing while delivering exceptional value and accuracy.

Can SiteSavvy.ai help with remote property acquisitions?

Absolutely! SiteSavvy.ai specializes in assisting real estate investors and acquisition managers who want to acquire properties remotely without physically visiting each one. Our reliable and accurate inspections enable investors to make informed decisions from a distance.

How can SiteSavvy.ai help prevent fraud in property acquisitions?

SiteSavvy.ai incorporates GPS location tagging in our photo documentation, providing an added layer of fraud prevention. This feature ensures the authenticity and integrity of the inspection process and helps combat fraudulent activities.

Are SiteSavvy.ai's inspections faster than traditional methods?

Yes, SiteSavvy.ai's streamlined inspection process, coupled with our mobile order fulfillment service, reduces loan processing times. This allows lenders and investors to expedite their transactions and seize more business opportunities.

Can SiteSavvy.ai provide property valuation estimates?

Yes, our Property Data Collateral with AI  reports include estimated property valuations based on current market trends. This information helps investors assess the value of a property and make informed decisions on acquisition and pricing.

Are your inspectors certified?

Yes for GSE grade appraisals requested by lenders, our property data collectors are experienced and certified professionals. They possess the necessary qualifications and expertise to conduct property inspections and provide accurate reports. All inspectors must pass a background check.

How can I request a demo or get started with SiteSavvy.ai?

To request a demo or learn more about our services, please visit our website at SiteSavvy.ai. You can find a "Request a Demo" button on our homepage, where you can fill out the necessary information, and our team will be in touch with you shortly to schedule a demonstration.

What features does SiteSavvy.ai "VisionProve" offer as a property data mobile application?

SiteSavvy.ai "VisionProve" is a versatile, flexible and intuitive property data mobile application. Leveraging cloud-based technology, property data and field-collected photos stream seamlessly into our cloud based platform or can simply produce a robust PDF. Built in rules and meta data collected during the property inspection bring an entirely new level of viewership and credibility to property inspections.

How does SiteSavvy.ai "VisionProve" simplify the appraisal process for homeowners and appraisers?

SiteSavvy.ai "VisionProve" is a cloud-based application that streamlines the appraisal process by enabling homeowners to collect necessary property details and photos and send it electronically to acquisition managers or appraisers to perform due diligence and analysis.

What benefits does SiteSavvy.ai "VisionProve", the innovative mobile property inspection app, offer to homeowners, appraisers, and inspectors?

an innovative, cloud-based mobile property inspection app, helps deliver greater efficiencies in the appraisal process. With "VisionProve", homeowners, appraisers, inspectors and others can easily collect property information on a smartphone or tablet.

How does the intuitive interface of SiteSavvy.ai "VisionProve" app facilitate the input and validation of property information and photos to produce a reliable appraisal?

The SiteSavvy.ai "VisionProve" app’s highly intuitive interface provides a simple, straightforward way for users to input and validate property information, as well as take photos. A data-rich property inspection report is sent via PDF to the appraiser, or seamlessly uploaded to SiteSavvy.ai VisionProve cloud based platform. The appraiser can then combine the data collected in the app with other available information about the property to produce a complete, robust and reliable appraisal.

What security measures does SiteSavvy.ai "VisionProve" have in place to minimize fraud and ensure accuracy of submitted information?

To help minimize fraud and support accuracy of the information submitted, SiteSavvy.ai "VisionProve" has built-in security measures, such as prepopulated property information, GPS location tracking with date/time stamp, direct input of photos to the application (no uploads), finger signature certification by the homeowner and more.

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